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  • 1. What is your primary goal for losing weight?
    ● A. Improve overall health and wellness ● B. Achieve a specific body weight or shape ● C. Enhance physical fitness and endurance ● D. Address a medical condition or recommendation
  • 2. How would you describe your current eating habits?
    ● A. Mostly healthy, with occasional indulgences ● B. A mix of healthy meals and fast food ● C. Predominantly convenience or processed foods ● D. I'm not sure / I don't follow a specific pattern
  • 3. How often do you currently exercise?
    ● A. 4 or more times a week ● B. 2-3 times a week ● C. Rarely or occasionally ● D. Not at all
  • 4. When it comes to diet and exercise, what is your biggest challenge?
    ● A. Time constraints ● B. Lack of motivation ● C. Limited knowledge or resources ● D. Medical or physical limitations
  • 5. Which statement best describes your feelings towards meal planning and preparation?
    ● A. I enjoy it and regularly plan and prepare meals ● B. I do it sometimes, but often opt for quicker options ● C. I find it overwhelming and time-consuming ● D. I prefer to eat out or order in
  • 6. How do you handle stress and emotional well-being?
    ● A. Regularly practice stress management techniques ● B. Sometimes struggle but try to manage it ● C. Often eat or drink to cope with stress ● D. I haven’t thought much about it
  • 7. What's your approach to setting health and fitness goals?
    ● A. I set specific, measurable, and realistic goals ● B. I have a general idea but nothing specific ● C. I find it hard to set or stick to goals ● D. I haven’t set any goals
  • 8. Finally, how ready do you feel to start your weight loss journey?
    ● A. Fully ready and committed ● B. Somewhat ready but could use some guidance ● C. Unsure and hesitant ● D. Not ready but exploring options
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