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Regenerative Medicine

From sports injuries to sexual health to chronic illness, life takes a toll on the body.Besides resorting to pills, medical devices, and other treatments traditionally used to mask and manage symptoms, recent advances in cellular therapy and nutritional support and functional medicine can help patients feel better and live their best lives.

The definition of regenerative medicine has evolved over the years, especially as science, technology, and alternative therapies have advanced. At its core, regenerative medicine is centered on healing the body through therapies and technology. These tools enable the body to repair, restore and regenerate aging, damaged and malfunctioning tissues, organs and bodily systems.


Who can benefit from regenerative medicine treatments?

Regenerative therapies may be used to treat a wide variety of diseases and conditions—from sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence, to weekend warrior injuries and cardiovascular disease. Some patients also benefit from regenerative medicine to replenish a weakened immune system, restore aging skin, and resolve chronic disease states.

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