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Rejuvenate Health & Wellness: Guiding your path to vitality and wellbeing

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As men and women age, they may start to notice less recovery times after a long and stressful day. They experience reduced energy, reduced sexual libido, weight gain, brain fog, and even a decline in mental health. Our mission is to help our clients feel their best as they age. We help you lose weight and keep it off, improve energy and performance so you can live your best life!

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We are an elite Integrative health clinic focused on helping men and women feel their best as they age.  We use the latest evidence based treatments to help you achieve your wellness goals. Our services are offered via telemedicine or in-clinic to meet your needs.

Improve energy, mental clarity and sexual libido with Testosterone Replacement Therapy 

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Shed pounds, improve energy, sexual libido with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement 

Skin Analysis

Shed pounds, improve recovery time and energy with
Peptide Therapy

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Lose weight quickly and safely with our proven Medical Weight Loss program

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Discover the root cause of your symptoms and get optimal treatment with our Functional and Integrative Medicine clinic

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Get rid of migraines, muscle and nerve pain,  improve performance recovery with our IV and Injection Vitamin therapies

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Symptom check list for women

Symptom check list for men


What patients are saying

“I have been procrastinating my weight loss plan for years, Dr Aderonke was patient with me and customize my weight loss plan, I lost 21 Ibs in 6 weeks from 232.4 Ibs to 211 Ibs and still going strong. I feel so much healthier and happier with myself. Thanks to Rejuvenate Health for making me discover my healthier self.”

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